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The Biobank of IMGGE is a set of collections of biological samples from a large number of patients affected by different rare diseases.

All biological samples and the matching clinical and follow-up information are anonymized and are freely available to the research community for scientific investigations on rare diseases.

Download IMGGE RD Biobank PDF

11th Balkan Congress of Human Genetics, Belgrade

11th Balkan Congress of Human Genetics took place at Sava Center, Belgrade, Serbia from September 17th to 20th. SERBORDISinn project was an organizer of three worshops within the 11th BCHG.



Workshop 1:

Balkan rare disease biobanks,  databases and research collaborations – SERBORDISinn initiative

  1. Sonja Pavlovic (Institute of Molecular Genetics and Genetic Engineering, University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia)

“IMGGE rare disease biobanks and databasis”

  1. George Patrinos (University of Patras, School of Health Sciences, Patras, Greece)

“Genomic Medicine Alliance as a catalyst of genomic medicine activities in developing countries”

  1. Ljubica Matic (Karolinska Institute, Department of Molecular Medicine and Surgery, Stockholm, Sweden)

“BiKE is a unique platform for translational research: A systems biology strategy to identify novel targets in atherosclerosis”

  1. Joanna Vella (University of Malta, Faculty of Medicine & Surgery, Msida, Malta)

“Malta BioBank”

  1. Vita Dolzan (Center for Medical Genetics, University’s Childrens Hospital, University Medical Centre Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia)

“Genetic databases may facilitate translational research in rheumatoid arthritis”

  1. Mojca Zerjav Tansek (University’s Childrens Hospital, University Medical Centre Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia)

“Phenylketonuria screening in southeastern Europe – survey results from 11 countries”

  1. Discussion


Workshop 2:

Balkan Region’s participation in Horizon 2020

Zeljka Dukic (Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, Republic of Serbia)

“Balkan Region’s participation in Horizon 2020”

Warkshop 3:

Round Table

The Balkan Genomes Initiative

Flajer Balkan Genome Prva strana