Recruitment of Experienced Technician


The Institute of Molecular Genetics and Genetic Engineering – IMGGE ( has been awarded a grant financed by the EU to implement the Project SERBORDISInn.

The main objectives of the Project are building up an Expert Centre (ExCe) for molecular genetics (MGs) of rare diseases (RD) in IMGGE, and implementation of novel approaches for improvement of basic and applied biomedical science of RD in IMGGE. The novel methodologies will be chosen to set the stage for future improved research that is going to take place in IMGGE. It is also envisioned that SERBORDISinn Project gives a great contribution to innovation capacity building and improvement of Intellectual Property (IP) and protection of know-how in IMGGE. Additionally, building of strategic partnership and local network is planned with Serbian clinical centers, hospitals SMEs, as well as with potential funding institutions and donors.

Therefore the IMGGE wishes to hire one experienced technician with expertise in molecular biology to reinforce research activities of IMGGE and contribute to achieving the Project’s goals and objectives.


Technician in molecular biology will conduct activities related to reinforcement of research potential of IMGGE by ensuring efficient usage of the newly acquired equipment and application of novel and upgraded methodologies acquired through the Project.


  • Improve research potential of IMGGE by activating and running of the newly acquired equipment.
  • Improve research potential of IMGGE by applying new and improved currently used methodologies in molecular biology
  • Test new and updated molecular biology methodologies
  • Ensure efficient usage of the newly acquired equipment.


  • PhD / Master of Science degree in molecular biology
  • Hands-on experience in the following methodologies: cell culture, RTqPCR, DNA sequencing, NGS
  • Demonstrated ability to work in a collaborative cross-functional environment.

Candidates are invited to send their CVs no later than May 13th, 2015 via e-mail

Only short listed candidates will be invited to an interview.

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