SERBORDISinn & 2014 Golden Helix Symposium “Genomics of Rare Diseases”

SERBORDISinn & 2014 Golden Helix Symposium “Genomics of Rare Diseases” was one of the main dissemination and promotion activities of the FP7 REGPOT SERBORDISinn. In order to attract more participants from abroad, IMGGE organized the Symposium in collaboration with Golden Helix Foundation. The Symposium was under the auspices of Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development Republic of Serbia, Genomic Medicine Alliance and RD-Connect, while Orphanet and Public Health Genomics were communication sponsors. The Symposium was accredited by the Serbian Health Council (No. A-1-1990/14) for continuous medical education with the aim to attract more medical doctors and biochemist. IMGGE provided a free booth for the National organization for rare diseases of Serbia (NORBS) thus enabling patients to actively participate in the Symposium.

Symposium was organized into four sessions that addressed following topics: Public Health of Rare Diseases, Genomics of Rare Diseases, Pharmacogenomics and Individualized Therapy and Rare Diseases in Balkan Countries. Over 39 international, Balkan and Serbian researchers with an expertise in the field of rare diseases were invited to give lectures, and 128 participants (molecular biologists, biochemist, medical doctors and representatives of the relevant governmental departments) from Serbia and Balkan region participated in the event.


Media coverage: The event was announced and commented in Serbian broadcasting and printed media thus increasing mentions of IMGGE in public media.


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